Step 5: Add Assignment to your LMS

Add an assignment to the LMS's course.


With your assignments generated and released to your learners, your task now focuses on delivering those links to your students for easy access.

This is actually not a required step in the strict sense. However, for this getting started guide we are assuming that you want to send grades from IllumiDesk back to the Canvas course Gradebook. In these cases, you need to create the Assignment link since that is the reference point to receive grades and associate them with your course members.

First, click, on the Assignments link within the Course's main nave bar:

Click on add assignment within the Canvas LMS course

Once you click on the + Assignment button, you will see a form to add the assignment details. The relevant options are:

  • Assignment name: make sure this assignment name coincides with the assignment name within the IllumiDesk Grader Console

  • Display Grade as: by default, this value has Points selected. Use this value since IllumiDesk sends grades to the Canvas LMS instance as points (integers).

  • Submission Type: select External Tool, then Find. This will open a modal so you can select the IllumiDesk external tool.

Within the external tool modal, select Load in New Tab. This is not a requirement but recommended so that Learners can take full advantage of the real estate available on their desktop.

Have students load assignments in a new tab.

Then, click Save and Publish. Now your students should have access to the assignment link once they log into the Canvas course.

Assignment student view from Canvas LMS course

Student Preview from LMS

Like the student preview within the Grader Console instructors have the option of opening assignments from the LMS's course to preview the student's version of the notebook. To view the student's version, click on the Assignment link and fetch the assignment with the steps described in the next section.