Step 9: Collect Feedback from Graders

Collect and View Feedback as a Learner

Collecting feedback as a student is a simple process. First, log in with a user that has the Learner role. The learner can either click on the Assignment link or click on the IllumiDesk menu item in the course navigation bar to view their workspace.

Fetch feedback as a learner by clicking on the Fetch Feedback button.

Fetch feedback as a learner by clicking on the Fetch Feedback button.

Once the user with the learner role clicks on the Fetch Feedback button, a view feedback link will appear next to the submission's timestamp:

View feedback link

Feedback is actually distributed back to the learner in static HTML format. This ensures that the document cannot be edited. Once the student clicks on the view feedback link, instead of viewing files as *.ipynb files they will see the *.html extension:

Files displayed as html when viewing feedback.

Clicking on any of the *.html files will provide the learner with a view of the notebook as a web page with the grader's comments. The learner can also confirm point values for individual cells.

Remember how, as a grader, we added comments to one of the cells in markdown format? As you can see below, IllumiDesk's services convert the markdown text and display it in the browser with standard HTML.

View comments created with markdown.

There is only one step left! The grader can now send all student grades to the Learning Management System (LMS). Let's access the LMS tab in the next section to complete this task.