Step 1: Create a Quickstart Assignment

Create a quickstart assignment using the nbgrader tool.

Fortunately creating a Quickstart assignment is super simple! If you haven't done so already, make sure you have installed IllumiDesk as a tool with your Learning Management System (LMS).

  • From within the LMS, click on the IllumiDesk menu item or link within your course

  • Open your shared grader notebook from the IllumiDesk control panel by clicking on Grader Notebook --> Course Name, where course name corresponds to your LMS course in lower case characters.

Select the shared grader notebook

The Grader Notebook will display the LTI 1.1course_labelvalue or the LTI 1.3 --> label value.

  • Click on New --> Terminal

Create a new Terminal session
  • Enter nbgrader quickstart <course_name> --force

Create a quickstart assignment from the terminal
  • Close the terminal window

  • Click on the Grader Console tab. Within the Grader Console, you should see a course titled ps1.

In the next section we will use this test assignment to emulate creating the source file, generate the student version of the assignment and release the assignment to the course's students.