Step 6: Fetch and Submit Assignment as Learner

Fetch Assignment as Learner

Once the learner logs into their LMS, all they need to do to access the assignment file is click on the assignment link and then click on the Fetch button to obtain the assignment released by the instructor in the previous section.

Why "Learner" instead of "Student"

Because we are all learners! No, but seriously, as you will see below the instructor could actually be a student in the course. For example, a teacher's assistant may very well be one of the students within the course but could also help the instructor(s) with the grading process. This is the main reason we opted for the shared grader model as it provides more flexibility moving forward.

After you log in as a learner to your LMS and click on the course's Assignment link, access the Assignments within the IllumiDesk tool and then click on the Fetch button. This will copy the grader's released assignment.

Learners have the option to access other courses directly from the IllumiDesk app as long as they are using the same user ID:

Fetch assignment as student

If an instructor clicks on the LMS's course assignment link, they would have access to the Assignments tab as well, but additionally, have access to the Courses tab where they can access the shared grader accounts:

Instructors can also have the learner role.

Then the learner just needs to click on the Fetch button to obtain the assignment. This process creates a copy of the original assignment file and places it within the learner's home directory, which is segregated from other users' directories.

Fetching the assignment transfers it from the Released assignments section to the Downloaded assignments section.

The learner is now in the position to add their answers and submit the assignment for grading.