Step 10: Send Assignment Grades to LMS

Send assignment grades to the Learning Management System instance.

Access the LMS Tab

To access the LMS tab, log into IllumIDesk as an instructor and access the shared grader notebook as described in Step 3.

LMS tab

Once you click on the LMS tab, you will see the Send button for each graded assignment. To send grades to the LMS, click on the Send button.

Click on Send button to send grades to the LMS

A success/error modal will appear letting you know if the task completed successfully. Once the task has successfully completed. log in to your LMS's grades section to view the grades by the learner. For example, with the Canvas LMS the Gradebook view would display grades for each student in the course. All grades are synched with the click of a button!

Congrats! You have completed the process of creating an assignment, releasing the assignment to your students, grading the assignment with the auto-grader and releasing feedback for review. Feel free to reach out to us if you need additional help with this process.