Canvas LMS Assignment Configuration

IllumiDesk Installation in Canvas LMS Course

If you haven't installed IllumiDesk within the Canvas LMS Course, refer to the documentation in the Canvas LMS Integration section. This step is required for the next sections.

Create a Canvas Assignment as a Teacher with AutoGrading

The steps to add a regular and auto-graded assignment are the same. The only difference is that assignments prepared for auto-grading are located within the release folder. You may recall that the auto-grader service copies assignments from the teacher's source folder to the release folder after clicking on the Generate button.

Assignments Hidden from Root Folder

If you have successfully generated assignments which copies the student version to the release folder, then selecting assignments with the assignment file picker will only display files located within the release folder.

This is an opinionated filter to avoid confusion when adding assignments, as we wouldn't want the auto-grader service to run when files are not prepared for the auto-grader meta-data.

After you have initiated the procedure to add a new assignment, select the Jupyter Notebook file prepared for auto-grading from the release folder:

Auto-graded assignments located in the release folder

Auto-graded assignments located in the release folder

This will automatically create a link that points to the assignment source file which students use as an entry point when opening their own Jupyter Notebooks. Once you have saved the assignment you can then open it as a teacher to preview the student version of the assignment, by clicking on the assignment link:

Active assignment link within a Canvas LMS course

Active assignment link within a Canvas LMS course

FormGrader Preview vs Canvas Assignment Preview

This view is equivalent to the Preview option available in the FormGrader tab. The difference here is that you can validate the assignment from the Canvas LMS, in other words, in addition to validating the assignment file itself you are also validating the integration with the IllumiDesk application.

Now that you have a live assignment added to your course, no additional configuration is needed for the auto-grader service to grade the assignment and post the grade to the Grades section. Students can open, edit and submit assignments just as they would with an assignment that is not enabled for auto-grading.

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Canvas LMS Assignment Configuration

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