Canvas with LTI v1.1

Install IllumiDesk with the Canvas LMS using LTI v1.1


You may either use the IllumiDesk application available in the App Center or install the application using the By URL configuration type option.

Most Canvas instances do not surface all applications available in the App Center by default so you will most likely install IllumiDesk with the Configuration Type --> By URL option.

For testing, refer to the test environment keys to complete the steps below.

Option 1 - Install IllumiDesk as an External Application

  1. If you need to manually install the IllumiDesk application, navigate to Course --> Settings --> Apps --> +App.

  2. Select the Configuration URL as the Configuration Type.

  3. Enter the provided Consumer Key, Shared Secret and Config URL into the form.

  4. Click Submit to save your application settings.

You may have access to Canvas's full list of available applications located within Canvas's App Center. It's more common, however, that your instance's configuration settings have permissions to install IllumiDesk as an external application. Have your LMS administrator refer to one of the options below to enable the IllumiDesk tool with your course.

Option 2 - Install IllumiDesk from the App Center

If you or your LMS administrator has access to the IllumiDesk App Center applications, then the configuration URL for the shared (multi-tenant) is already included by default. The App Center surfaces applications registered with the Eduappcenter portal.

  1. To install IllumiDesk from the App Center, navigate to Course --> Settings --> Apps --> View App Center.

  2. Type illumidesk in the search text field

  3. Click on the IllumiDesk application icon

IllumiDesk in App Center

4. Click on the IllumiDesk Card 5. Click on the + Add App button 6. Enter the consumer key and shared secret in the available modal 7. Confirm by clicking on Add App

Installation form from App Center

If you would like to take advantage of IllumiDesk's latest features then we recommend installing IllumiDesk with the newer LTI 1.3 standard.