Moodle with LTI v1.1

Install IllumiDesk with Moodle using LTI v1.1


For testing, refer to the test environment keys to complete the steps below.

Install IllumiDesk as an External Tool

To install IllumiDesk with Moodle you will need to access your environment with the Admin role. Once installed and activated, the IllumiDesk external tool may be added to any number of courses within your Moodle instance.

  1. Log in with a user that has Admin privileges. Then, click on Site Administration -> Plugins -> Plugins Overview -> Activity Modules -> External Tool -> Manage tools.

Add IllumiDesk as an External Tool

2. In the Manage Tools section, enter the XML Configuration URL into the Add Tool field.

Add LTI Configuration URL

3. Click on the Add button to update your Moodle instance with the new LTI tool.

4. Update the External Tool settings by clicking on the gear icon in the tool's card.

5. In the Privacy Settings section, select Always for Share launcher's name with tool, Share launcher's email with tool, and Accept grades from the tool.

Update Moodle Privacy settings

Privacy Settings --> Accept Grades from the tool option is necessary for Moodle to accept grade submissions from IllumiDesk's grader.

6. Navigate to your course and select Turn Editing on from the settings context menu.

Turn editing on for your course

7. Select Add an activity or resource.

8. In the Add an activity or resource form, add:

  • Activity Name

  • Select IllumiDesk from Preconfigured Tool dropdown

  • Select New Window from Launch container.

Add a new External Tool form

9. Click on Save and return to course or Save and display button to complete the tool's setup.