Open edX with LTI v1.1

Install IllumiDesk with the Open edX LMS using LTI v1.1


For testing, refer to the test environment keys to complete the steps below.

Refer to Open edX's official LTI documentation for more detailed installation and configuration options.

Install IllumiDesk as an External Tool

To install IllumiDesk with Open edX you will need to access the Open edX Studio with a user that has privileges to update the application's setup. If you are logging in the for the first time, you may see an Open edX Demonstration Course in the Studio's home page. If not, create a new course by clicking on the + New Course button. Then access your course and follow the steps below to activate IllumiDesk as a tool provider with Open edX.

  1. Log into the Studio and access an existing course or create a new course by clicking on the + New Course button.

Click on an existing course or add a new course to initiate LTI setup

2. Click on the Settings dropdown and select Advanced Settings in the course's home page.

Course Advanced Settings

3. In the Advanced Module List section, add the "lti_consumer" key (include quotes).

Add lti_consumer in Advanced Module List

4. In the LTI Passports section, add the LTI tool's name, consumer key, and shared secret separated by commas. Each value should include quotes. For example:

LTI Passports

4. Click on the Save button to update your Settings.

5. With Open edX, LTI tools are added within a Course --> Section --> Sub Section --> Unit. Ensure that you have a Section within your course and then add a new Subsection by clicking on the + Subsection button.

Add a new Sub Section in a course's section

6. Then, add a new Unit within your Subsection by clicking on the +Unit button. This will display a set of green action buttons to configure your Unit. Click on the Advanced button.

Course -> Section - Subsection -> Unit Advanced configuration

7. Select the LTI Consumers option from the selection pane.

Select LTI Consumer

8. Selecting the LTI Consumer option will add the LTI Consumer to your Unit. Click on the Edit button to add the final touches to IllumiDesk's LTI Consumer configuration.

LTI Consumer in Course --> Section --> Subsection --> Unit

9. Add values for the LTI Consumer settings form. Some items, such as Inline Height, are not applicable so have been removed from the list below.

Field Name



Display Name

The display name you wish to provided to course participants, for example IllumiDesk.


LTI Application Information

The application's description.

IllumiDesk Jupyter Notebooks with Open edX


The LTI ID entered in the Passports section of the course's Advanced Settings page.



IllumiDesk's launch URL

Custom Parameters

A key/value pair for any custom parameters. You may use variable substitution such to send information from the Open edX LMS to map it to standard LTI parameters.

[ "email=$" ]

LTI Launch Target

Use New Window to launch IllumiDesk is a new browser tab.

New Window

Button Text

Button label that users see to launch LTI Consumer tool

Launch IllumiDesk


Set to True if you would like to receive grades from IllumiDesk's grader console



The score's weight as a floating point number between 0.0 and 1.0.


The LTI Consumer has descriptions for each item and links to Open edX's official documentation with more information.

10. After you have saved your configuration, test the IllumiDesk application launch by clicking on the unit's launch button.

Launch IllumiDesk test

11. To complete your installation click on the Publish button.